I'm a Twitch Streamer and I'm new to the site. How do I add my channel to Streamerslab.com?
Just click on the top right side where you'll see a button saying "Are you a Twitch Streamer?". After that just open the Settings and you can add information about your social networks (youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram, twitchalerts, streamtip). Every visitor can see these links in streamer channel page.
Adding New Channel Requirements are
  • You must have at least 1 past broadcast on Twitch
  • Required Twitch permission "user_read"
What is the Purpose of StreamersLab.com?
Our purpose is to help viewers find populer channels with ease and especially to help new streamers increase their followers and viewers.
Channels and Votes
Every single vote expires after 2 weeks. Visitors can vote for the same channel once every day. The Vote system is based on IP addresses and Cookies. Proxy IP does not allow additional votes.
My Channel hasn't been updated yet. What can I do?
Every channel must be online for at least 10 minutes otherwise they will not be seen by the system. The same thing goes for pastbroadcast history.
My live stream has ended but I can't see it on my stream history?
2 hours after your stream is finished, the system will automatically handle it.
How can I change my Broadcast language?
You can change you Broadcast language on the Twitch.tv channel settings. It will automatically set once you start your livestream on Streamerslab.
Are the last Channel results definitly true?
The system predicts the most probable results.
I really like Streamerslaab.com and I would like to contribute to making it even better. What can I do?
You can share this site on Twitter, facebook etc. and if you can donate cash for the future of the site.
I have some Ideas. Can Streamerslab.com make them happen?
We are trying to build a user friendly website. We will inspect all advise, opinions and complaints. You can contact us via Facebook and Twitter or by the Feedback&ContacUs menu on the right panel.
How does the Follow on Twitch button work ? Is it Risky?
We have added a follower system to the site. Visitors can not take back their follows so it does not pose any risk for the streamers. Visitors can click on the follow on Twitch button located on the streamers page and will be directed to Twitch.tv and the necessary permissions will be asked for. If the permissions are granted, the viewer will be redirected to Streamerslab.com and the process will be complete.
Required Twitch permission are "user_read" and "user_follows_edit".
How does the Favorite System work?
Your favorites will be saved on your browsers cookies. Everytime you add a favorite on Streamerslab.com your browser will check your favorites and show you the streamers online.
Do my past streams stay on the site permanently?
No, If your stream has been deleted or has been timed out on Twitch.tv your streams will automatically be deleted. Twitch partners: 60days, Normal Twitch Users: 14days.